OSAP Fact Sheets & Podcasts

OSAP Fact Sheets

Current as of August 2020, the 6 OSAP Fact Sheets in the attached PDF cover:

  1. Assistance for Full-time Study
  2. Assistance for part-time Study
  3. OSAP Restrictions
  4. OSAP Loan Repayment and Loan Rehabilitation
  5. Contact Information
  6. OSAP Policy History

Student Debt Repayment & Rehabilitation

The Student Debt Repayment & Rehabilitation Project provides accessible online resources, including a podcast series. The five podcasts and relevant materials describe both the process of repaying your student loan and, for those whose debt has been sent to a collection agency, rehabilitating it. This is essential information for managing your finances after graduating from college or university.

The podcast series features several topics on managing your student debt, such as loan restrictions, the granting of a 6-month grace period, and the interest-free feature of the OSAP student loan.

Podcasts - 5 Episodes

Introduction and Podcast Credits (PDF)


Episode 1: Kickstart your student repayment Online resources and Episode1 summary

Episode 2: York University Student Financial Services Online Resources and Episode 2 summary

Episode 3: Introducing the Repayment Assistance Plan Online Resources and Episode 3 summary

Episode 4: A Guide to Student Debt Rehabilitation Online Resources and Episode 4 summary

Episode 5: Wrapping up with Prof. Jodi Letkiewicz